Third-Largest Oil Refinery in America is Shut Down After Catastrophic Fire

The third largest oil refinery in America was totally engulfed and destroyed in a catastrophic blaze, marking yet another industrial disaster under the Biden administration.

The Marathon Petroleum plant suffered so much severe damage from the fire, which started Friday and smoldered into Saturday, that authorities have confirmed it will never be operational again.

The fire initially broke out at the Garyville, Louisiana facility on Friday morning, causing billows of dark smoke to be propelled into the sky.

Incredible new aerial video shared with WBRZ shows an up-close look at the fire raging at the Marathon refinery in Garyville, Louisiana.

Evacuation details and more here:

— WBRZ News (@WBRZ) August 25, 2023

An urgent evacuation was initially mandated for inhabitants living within a two-mile radius.

While there were no reported casualties, the calamity has once again raised questions regarding the safety of such industrial complexes.

According to WBRZ, authorities highlighted that this marks the “third fire to hit the plant in less than a year.”

Large fire at the Marathon plant in Garyville, LA

— Jessie⚜️ (@JJOUBRE3) August 25, 2023

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