‘They’re Savage Animals’: Trump Vows Resilience When Asked If He Fears For His Safety

Former President Donald Trump was asked whether he believes his political enemies will try to have him killed as his poll numbers continue to rise despite four indictments. The former president did not appear to be worried and described his detractors as “savage animals” in the highly anticipated interview with Tucker Carlson.

Carlson pointed to the fact that Trump’s poll numbers have only increased after each indictment against him has been announced. “Impeachment didn’t work twice, obviously. The indictments are not working, your poll numbers go up. When they raided Mar-A-Lago in August of last year, your numbers went up. They can indict you 20 times and you’re not gonna lose the Republican primary because of that,” Carlson said,

“It makes it look even more ridiculous,” Trump replied. “I mean the four indictments, and maybe there’s more, I don’t know. These people are crazy,” he continued.

Carlson then described the indictments as an escalation and asked whether Trump believes that the radical left will escalate to physical violence against him. “Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you?” Carlson asked. “Why wouldn’t they try to kill you, honestly?” he added, pointing to the steady increase of authoritarian



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