‘They Look A Little Trumpish’: New Jersey School Board, Police Colluded To Track Meeting Attendees

A new report from the O’Keefe Media Group found that a New Jersey school board colluded with the local police force to remove “Trumpish” looking citizens from a board meeting.

Bodycam footage from a Livingston police officer, who identified himself as “Officer Pancione,” shows over 45 minutes of conversations with Livingston school board members who called the police over “unfamiliar” and “Trumpish” looking meeting attendees.

“There’s a group of about nine men,” a woman identified as Starr Preston told Livingston police in the 9-11 call. “Yeah so they’re there, they’re on their phones, they’ve never been here before, there’s just a little bit of concern,” she continued, failing to point out what was “suspicious” about their presence.

Officer Pancione wholeheartedly agreed with the protesters throughout the 45 minutes of bodycam footage, stating that he “doesn’t answer” to journalists. In reference to James O’Keefe — who previously offered to provide parents with cameras in Bergen County, New Jersey — Pancione said that he should “worry about his town” instead of coming to Livingston and “stirring the pot.”

“So they look shady?” Pancione asked. “Yes, they definitely look like – there’s something up,” replied executive assistant to the superintendent Toni McLaughlin. The executive



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