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Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch are set to receive the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leadership Award this year, along with Sylvester Stallone, Martha Stewart, and philanthropist Michael Milken.

The RBG Awards were established in 2020 to honor women in various fields. This year, however, the awards were expanded to include both men and women.

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“Justice Ginsburg fought not only for women but for everyone,” said Julie Opperman, chair of the Dwight D. Opperman Foundation, presenters of the award. “Going forward, to embrace the fullness of Justice Ginsburg’s legacy, we honor both women and men who have changed the world,” she insisted.

The selections of Musk, in the ‘Entrepreneurship’ category, and Murdoch, in the ‘Media Mogul’ category, are sure to raise eyebrows. In addition to his endeavors in electric cars and space travel, Musk is a well-known free speech advocate who has made waves on social media for his support of right-leaning content, and Murdoch is the founder of NewsCorp. — parent company of Fox News. Ginsburg is a far-left “feminist” icon and was one of the Supreme Court’s



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