The Strangest Election Year In US History Has Begun… - EVOL

By Brian Cates

In a way, it is a GOOD THING this election season is unfolding in the highly unusual way that it is. We’ve now embarked on the weirdest primary season I’ve ever seen, but this is GREAT in one specific way:

In every other election year I’ve witnessed since 1988, most of the public is tuned out at this point. Historically, they do not start paying attention to the election races until long after the primaries are over and the general election races have been set in stone. That’s toward the end of the Summer and heading into the Fall.

But that hasn’t been happening this year. And this man pictured below has a lot to do with why this most unusual US primary season has been unfolding the way it has.

Trump has a way of getting people’s attention, have you noticed that?

When he declared he was running for US President again in December of 2022, longtime political commentators scoffed and mocked Trump for his way-too-premature announcement.

It had been assumed his having his Mar A Lago home raided by the FBI the previous August and the years-long January 6 investigation over the supposed ‘insurrection’ he



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