The Opinion of a Prominent EU Leader: COVID Vaccinations Labeled as the ‘Greatest Crime Ever Perpetrated on Humanity’ (VIDEO) – EVOL

In a shocking statement, Christine Anderson, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) representing Germany, has condemned the global mass COVID mRNA vaccination campaign as “the biggest crime to ever have been committed on mankind.”

Anderson made this explosive remark during an interview with reporter Anita Krishna.

She believes that the global rollout of mRNA COVID injections will go down in history as the biggest medical scandal ever.

Anderson’s comments come after she had her microphone cut off for calling EU President Ursula von der Leyen “corrupt” during a passionate speech in Parliament, where she demanded transparency regarding von der Leyen’s deal with Pfizer.


German MEP Christine Anderson: The global roll-out of mRNA Covid “vaccines” will go down “as the biggest medical scandal ever.”

“It will be known as the biggest crime to ever have been committed on mankind.”

Credit: @AndersonAfDMdEP @AnitaKrishna1

— Wide Awake Media (@wideawake_media) April 26, 2024

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