The Fall-Out from COVID-19 Continues: Rackovan v Penn State

The only way to make sense of the firing of Zack Rackovan from his job at Penn State in March 2022 is to understand that the entire system has gone completely off the rails. Penn State fired him after it rejected his religious exemption for the experimental COVID-19 jab. It was an exemption he feels he shouldn’t have had to submit in the first place.

Zackovan believes no one should be mandated to inject an unknown, experimental substance into one’s body, regardless of religious beliefs. Here’s the catch, though. Rackovan had worked in a “fully remote” graphic design job at the “Justice and Safety Institute” at Penn State since 2014. He never came into physical contact with any of his co-workers. Let’s repeat: he never went to the campus. And, by the way, Rackovan says his employment record was “stellar.”

Rackovan contacted UncoverDC to get the word out. There is an “agenda within our higher education system.” That system, says Rackovan, is the “same one that preaches diversity and inclusion but seems to show no tolerance for Christianity and seeks to remove our American liberties and God-given rights.” Rackovan believes the university “pressured and coerced [him] to compromise on [his]



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