“The Deep State Is Actually Kind of Awesome,” New York Times Declares – EVOL

This article originally appeared on Infowars and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Jamie White

The New York Times is at it again, defending the very bureaucratic institutions it’s mandated to hold to account.

In a bizarre flex, the New York Times on Tuesday published a video report titled, “It Turns Out, The Deep State Is Actually Kind of Awesome,” claiming that the shadowy unelected bureaucracy running various government agencies are the “unsung heroes who make our country great.”

You can’t make this up — but apparently the Times can.

The NYT begins by saying, “Donald Trump is obsessed with the Deep State.”

In a classic straw man fallacy, it goes on to portray the “Deep State” as a group of nerdy, innocent and well-to-do government workers performing important functions for humanity, like working at NASA sending satellites into space, decontaminating water for the Environmental Protection Agency or ensuring safe workplaces for the Department of Labor.

“You want to replace your own water pipes? You got the skills to launch an asteroid-deflecting spacecraft? No,” says the NYT’s Adam Westbrook.

“Important work like this is happening all over America, from helping two million victims of the opioid crisis, to engineering major



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