The CDC is Putting an End to COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

The Covid-19 vaccination certificates that once determined who could participate in society are being phased out.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is discontinuing its COVID-19 vaccination certificates, according to an October 4 website update.

Considered a controversial relic of the COVID-19 pandemic era, the white cards once determined who could and could not partake in society, such as by restricting or allowing access to businesses, schools, and workplaces based on vaccination status.

Similar requirements became widespread and controversial across the globe, leading to criticisms of a two-tiered economy in some regions.

As the federal government is no longer responsible for COVID-19 vaccine distribution, the CDC has ceased producing the cards. According to the agency, from the peak of pandemic restrictions in late 2020 to May 10, the federal government sent out more than 980 million cards.

As their necessity has long since passed, federal and local health officials do not anticipate the removal of the cards to be a significant change.

In 2021, following the announcement of vaccine mandates by President Joe Biden, the ubiquitous white cards spawned a black market industry, and U.S. authorities made certain actions in support of this market unlawful. In



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