The Bipartisan Border Deal Just Dropped — And the Senate Republican Behind It is Facing Furious Backlash – EVOL

Following months of discussions, the U.S. Senate on Sunday announced a $118 billion bipartisan border security bill that would also offer aid to Ukraine and Israel. The bill faces an unclear future due to resistance from Donald Trump and conservative Republicans.

The bill includes $60.06 billion to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, $14.1 billion in security assistance for Israel, $20.23 billion for border security, $2.44 billion to US Central Command and the conflict in the Red Sea, and $4.83 billion to support US partners in the Indo-Pacific facing Chinese aggression.

An additional $10 billion would go toward humanitarian assistance for populations in Gaza, the West Bank, and Ukraine.

The Calvin Coolidge Project provided an overview on X with key points from the “Bipartisan Border Bill” negotiated by Senator James Lankford (R-OK).

🚨Breaking News: The Bipartisan Border Bill negotiated by Republican Senator James Lankford has officially been released👇
1. $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine
2. $14 billion in military aid to Israel
3. $20 billion for border security

— The Calvin Coolidge Project (@TheCalvinCooli1) February 5, 2024

Senator Lankford heralded the bill on X, where he promptly got “ratioed” by angry commenters.

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