The Biden Administration Issues Toughest Restrictions Yet on All Diesel-Burning Trucks – EVOL

The Biden administration has officially issued long-awaited regulations aimed at reducing emissions from heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and buses. This move marks the latest action in President Biden’s ambitious climate agenda.

The Environmental Protection Agency revealed the updated regulations on Friday morning, asserting that they set the toughest greenhouse gas emissions standards to date.

These rules will take effect starting in 2026 for vehicles from the model year 2027 onwards, gradually tightening until the model year 2032. This progression will compel a greater number of trucks and buses to transition to zero-emissions within this timeframe.

“EPA’s standards complement President Biden’s unprecedented investment in our workers and communities to reduce harmful emissions, while strengthening our manufacturing capacity for the transportation technologies of the future,” said White House Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi.

“By tackling pollution from heavy-duty vehicles, we can unlock extraordinary public health, climate, and economic gains,” he continued

“In finalizing these emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses, EPA is significantly cutting pollution from the hardest-working vehicles on the road,” said EPA Administrator Michael Regan.

“Building on our recently finalized rule for light- and medium-duty vehicles, EPA’s strong and durable vehicle standards respond to the urgency



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