Texas Wildfire Causes ‘Catastrophic Losses’ to Cattle Herds: ‘Farmers & Ranchers Are Losing Everything’ – EVOL

The devasting impact of the Texas wildfires is beginning to emerge as the cattle industry braces for historic losses.

One of several wildfires raging in the Texas Panhandle has now grown to become the largest in state history.

The Smokehouse Creek fire has been burning since Monday and has so far destroyed over one million acres of land in Texas alone.

However, emergency crews have made little progress in containing it.

It has so far torched the most land than any other recorded wildfire in the history of the state.

The same blaze has also destroyed 31,500 acres in Oklahoma, according to CNN.

The Smokehouse Creek fire is just one of several that have ripped through Texas cattle country this week.

Two people have died so far in the fires.

Ranchers have lost thousands of livestock with many more likely to be euthanized.

Many homes and other buildings have been lost to the flames, as well.

Entire towns have been evacuated as emergency crews battle to contain the fires, with little success.

The owners of the historic Turkey Track ranch in Texas estimate that it has lost at least 80% of its land to the wildfires.




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