Texas Supreme Court Halts Lower Court’s Pro-Abortion Ruling

The Texas Supreme Court has put a temporary halt on a pregnant woman’s request for an emergency abortion, which was part of a legal case where the woman sought court approval for the procedure. This decision prevents her from terminating the pregnancy.

On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court temporarily stopped a lower court’s ruling that had allowed a pregnant woman to obtain an emergency court-authorized abortion, even though the state has strict restrictions against such procedures.

On December 9, the Supreme Court’s decision followed a district court’s approval a day prior, allowing an emergency abortion in response to a lawsuit filed by Kate Cox.

Kate, a woman 20 weeks into her pregnancy, received the authorization due to her unborn baby being diagnosed with Trisomy 18—a condition with multiple structural abnormalities that doctors deemed incompatible with survival after birth.

On December 8, the Texas Supreme Court issued an administrative stay—without making a decision on the case’s merits—regarding the temporary restraining order issued by a judge in the District Court of Travis County, Texas.

This order had temporarily halted Texas’ strict abortion laws, allowing Ms. Cox to legally proceed with the termination of her pregnancy.

In its decision, the Supreme Court



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