Survey: 33% of Democrats to Vote for RFK Jr. as an Independent – DNC Headed For Panic

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Editor’s Note: This article hit my desk mere hours before we reported that Robert F. Kennedy Jr IS running as an Independent. Obviously, this article is even more relevant now than it was yesterday. With that said, here’s Belle Carter…

(Natural News)—For one-third of America’s Democratic voters, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would win if he ran as an independent in the 2024 presidential election, according to a new survey. This could potentially put a big advantage on former President Donald Trump’s reelection bid.

If the Democrats and Republicans nominate current President Joe Biden and Trump respectively, and Kennedy runs as a third party, 33 percent of Democratic voters would “likely” vote for him, as per the recent Rasmussen Reports poll, including 14 percent who would be “very likely” to back him. Among likely voters as a whole, 25 percent said they would likely vote for Kennedy if he ran against Biden and Trump, including 14 percent of Republicans, with 10 percent saying they are “very likely” to cast their ballots this way.

The poll, which engaged 998 “U.S. likely voters” by telephone and online survey from September 17-18, also indicated that 41 percent of



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