Supreme Court Green Lights Seriously Injured Cop’s Lawsuit against Black Lives Matter Leader – EVOL

The United States Supreme Court has given the green light for a lawsuit filed by a seriously injured police officer to move forward.

The high court rejected the appeal of a prominent Black Lives Matter leader who organized a riot that led to the police officer being seriously injured in 2016.

Police officer “John Doe” suffered a brain injury and lost teeth during an attack from BLM thugs.

An unidentified BLM rioter threw a “rock-like object” at the cop as unrest swept Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The riot had broke out following the death of Alton Sterling in police custody.

BLM activist Deray McKesson, who organized the riot, argues he is shielded from liability by the First Amendment.

However, the injured officer says McKesson could have foreseen the violent consequences when he led activists to block a highway.

McKesson should have anticipated that his efforts would result in violence given the “pattern” of Black Lives Matter protests developing into violent confrontations with cops, John Doe’s lawyers said.

The lawyers wrote in their filing:

“The pattern was set: out-of-state protesters representing BLM fly into a town, gather, block a highway, engage and entice police, loot, damage property, injure bystanders, injure police.



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