Study Reveals 115,000 Excess Deaths in Japan After Administering Third COVID Shot – EVOL

A new study published in the peer-reviewed medical science journal Cureus reveals shocking findings regarding the adverse effects of the COVID vaccine. Conducted by five Japanese scientists using data from the country’s 123 million population, the study shows that there were 115,799 excess deaths in Japan in 2022, coinciding with mass COVID vaccination.

The majority of these excess deaths were not caused by COVID infection but were strongly associated with the vaccination. The study also found statistically significant increases in age-adjusted mortality rates for certain types of cancer, including ovarian, leukemia, prostate, lip/oral/pharyngeal, pancreatic, and breast cancers.

These cancers are known as estrogen receptor alpha (ERα)-sensitive cancers and are believed to have been caused by the mRNA vaccine. The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, whether from infection or vaccination, binds to ERα and disrupts the cell’s normal function, leading to cancer development.

The study suggests that the mRNA COVID jab not only causes cancer but also weakens the immune system’s ability to recognize and repress cancerous tumors. The high dosage of the vaccines due to boosters and the widespread vaccination contribute to the extent of the damage. It is alarming to think about the potential death toll and cancer cases



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