Study: BLM Kills 15 Times More People Through Increased Crime

A new study has revealed that Black Lives Matter-led efforts to “defund the police” have triggered a sharp increase in the number of people dying as victims of crime.

In the wake of the violent BLM riots of 2020, statistics show a reduction in the number of people shot by police.

The “Defund the Police” movement was a key component of the BLM agenda and resulted in departments in cities across America having their budgets slashed.

The slashed budgets and anti-cop sentiments have resulted in far fewer police officers on America’s streets.

As a result, fewer police responding to crimes means fewer people have been shot by cops.

BLM started about 10 years ago, and since that time, about 200 fewer people have been killed by police.

While BLM will claim to have saved 200 lives, the only question is “Have fewer people died in police custody or pursuits?”

What have the knock-on effects been in reducing police activity?

After all, the reduction in police shootings is almost entirely due to the reduction in policing.

Contrary to the absurd claims of the most radical activists, police don’t go out hunting for people to shoot every day – people, including



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