‘STOP!’: Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Gets Angry Over The Facts, Says His Client’s Payouts Are ‘Too Complicated To Explain’

Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s legal counsel, went before MSNBC to try and do damage control over his client’s record. He ended up saying certain matters – such as whether his client received payment from foreign countries – were beyond the understanding of the average American. He defended Hunter’s lucrative business dealings as being the result of Mr. Biden’s competence, education, and experience rather than being connected to his family name.

The exchange starts with Joe Scarborough asking, “What did Hunter Biden think he was getting that $7 million for? Why would he be getting paid so much money?” Hunter’s lawyer responded, “STOP with your $7 million and talk about how many years that Hunter has been in business and what happened each of those specific years. When you [Joe] say it that way people think that someone just sent him a check for $7 million on April the 1st.”

Scarborough then interjected, telling Lowell, “Help me out again…we have numbers being thrown around. The $7 million is actually not what [House Oversight Committee chairman] Comer [R-KY] is saying. Comer has a much higher – much more elevated – number. I guess the Washington Post reported it was $7 million. What



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