Special Counsel Jack Smith Demands Judge to Block FBI Interviews in Trump Case – EVOL

Special counsel Jack Smith has submitted a court motion requesting a judge to prevent several FBI interviews and keep the identities of potential witnesses confidential in the classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump.

The special prosecutor responded to a court filing by Walt Nauta, a co-defendant in the case. Nauta, along with the former president and his Mar-a-Lago manager, Carlos de Oliveira, faces charges in the case, and all three have pleaded not guilty.

President Trump is confronting 40 federal charges for purportedly retaining classified materials after he left the White House in 2021 and allegedly impeding officials from returning them to the government.

On Tuesday, Mr. Smith’s team stated that the court should restrict the FBI transcripts “to specific pages and portions related to proposition for which defense cites to exhibit, incorporating the Government’s proposed redactions to those pages.”

Mr. Smith’s prosecutors further argued that grand jury testimony and other FBI interviews should be completely blocked from public access.

In the court filing, his team listed over 20 sets of court documents that need to be fully sealed, redacted, or entirely withheld from public disclosure.

Part of the filing stated that those materials must be redacted



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