Soros DA Lets Far-left Rioters Walk FREE – EVOL

ABC News reported that a group of individuals demonstrating in support of Palestine in Texas were released without facing any charges following a decision made by a district attorney’s office supported by Soros. The protests, known as “Popular University for Gaza,” resulted in the arrest of 34 individuals on the University of Texas Austin’s campus on Wednesday, as stated by ABC.

Legal concerns were raised by defense counsel. We individually reviewed each case that was presented and agreed there were deficiencies in the probable cause affidavits. The Court affirmed and ordered the release of those individuals. We will continue to individually review all cases presented to our office to determine whether prosecution is factually and legally appropriate,” the Travis County Attorney’s Office said.

According to campaign finance documents, José Garza, the District Attorney for Travis County, where UT Austin is situated, has received donations amounting to almost $500,000 from organizations funded by George Soros, such as the Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC. reveals that Soros was the main contributor to the PAC, contributing over $2 million. Influence Watch states that the PAC serves as the Texas branch of Soros’ Safety and Justice network, which financially supports left-wing



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