Socialist rep pulled fire alarm in House office building as Dems try…

Socialist Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) pulled the fire alarm in a House office building Saturday as Democrats tried to delay a bipartisan vote on a Republican stopgap spending bill.

The wild incident in the Cannon Building was caught on camera and confirmed by several witnesses.

“An investigation into why it was pulled is underway,” a spokesperson for the GOP-controlled Administration Committee told The Post, confirming the incident.

As Bowman took heat for the incident, he insisted to reporters afterward that he pulled the alarm handle because he thought it would open the door.

“I was rushing to make a vote, I was trying to get through a door. I thought the alarm would open the door,” he said.

“I didn’t mean to cause confusion . . . I didn’t know it was going to trip the whole building.”

He also added: “I want to be very clear, this was not me, in any way, trying to delay the vote. It was the exact opposite — I was trying urgently to get to a vote, which I ultimately did.”

The move came as Democrats were desperately employing tactics to delay the vote, including Democratic Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (Brooklyn/Queens) using



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