Smugglers Caught Using CHILLING New Technology – EVOL

Italian authorities announced on Tuesday that they have successfully seized a remote-controlled submarine that was allegedly being used by drug smugglers. This discovery marks a significant breakthrough in their ongoing efforts to combat international drug trafficking. The submarine, which is a smaller version of the commonly known “narco subs,” was specifically designed for covert operations. Surveillance footage captured the submarine maneuvering on the surface of a body of water.

During their investigation in Turin, Italy, authorities uncovered a network of suspects who were reportedly using car wash stations to cultivate marijuana. It was during this operation that the police discovered the remote-controlled submarine. As a result of their efforts, a substantial amount of narcotics, including 204 kilograms of cocaine and hashish, were seized. The drug traffickers employed elaborate methods, such as using vehicles with hidden compartments, to transport the drugs discreetly across borders.

The network responsible for these illegal activities was allegedly led by two brothers of Albanian origin and operated across multiple countries, including Ecuador, Belgium, France, Spain, and Italy. According to police reports, the cocaine is believed to have originated from South America and passed through the Netherlands, while the hashish came from Spain and France.




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