Shock Video: Democrat Says Illegals Should Take Priority Over Veterans – EVOL

A radical Democrat legislator in Maine has called for illegal immigrants to be given preferential treatment over American veterans. Democrat State Representative Deqa Dhalac contends that foreign migrants who entered the country illegally should receive better treatment than U.S.-born military veterans who have served their nation.

Disturbingly, Dhalac acknowledged that illegal immigrants are already receiving priority treatment over veterans while advocating for a new taxpayer-funded “migrant resettlement” office.

Democrats in Maine have been pushing to rebrand illegal aliens as “New Americans.”

In January, Maine’s Democrat Governor Janet Mills proposed the establishment of a migrant resettlement office within the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future (GOPIF).

Mills named it the “Office of New Americans” (ONA).

The objective of the proposed bill, known as LD 2167, is to attract 75,000 new workers over the next five years by integrating illegal immigrants into Maine’s workforce.

When questioned during a legislative hearing about why Maine should prioritize illegal aliens instead of allocating resources to assist U.S. citizens who have served in the military, Dhalac, a co-sponsor of the bill and the first Somali-born mayor in America, responded by arguing that veterans have the advantage of being fluent in English.

“They have



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