Seymour Hersh: Ukraine ‘War’ Is ‘All Lies’ – ‘Russia Won’

World-renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claims to have uncovered one of the biggest cover-ups in human history.

Hersh has declared that the Ukraine war is “all lies” over and that “Russia has won.”

According to the award-winning reporter, Western elites are running a propaganda campaign to convince the public to keep funding the “war effort” despite the war having long ended.

Hersh warns that President Joe Biden’s administration is leading the disinformation campaign to keep taxpayer-funded aid flowing to the corrupt nation.

Citing an unnamed intelligence source during his Thursday Substack report, Hersh said:

“There is no Ukrainian offensive anymore, but the White House and the American media have to keep the lie going.”

A US intelligence official told veteran journalist Hersh that the proxy conflict with Russia in Ukraine is a lost cause.

The award-winning investigative reporter wrote on his blog that “significant elements in the American intelligence community” assess that the “demoralized Ukraine Army has given up on the possibility of overcoming the heavily mined three-tier Russian defense lines.”

One anonymous official said the fighting only continues “because Zelensky insists that it must.”

“There is no discussion in his headquarters or in the Biden White House of a ceasefire and no interest



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