Serial pot dispensary thieves lead Southfield police on high-speed chase

Four arrested after high speed chase in Southfield

Police believe the suspects may be linked to more than just breaking and entering cases at Metro Detroit dispensaries. All four now face dozens of robbery, weapons, and drug charges.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (FOX 2) – Four men from Detroit in their 20s were arrested following a string of robberies and a high speed chase that spanned across Metro Detroit Friday morning. 

Reaching speeds of 114 mph, dry weather and light traffic made for good conditions for the suspects who weaved around cars and drove into the oncoming lane as they fled police. After it became clear the suspects would not stop, Southfield police initiated a PIT maneuver to stop the speeding criminals.

When police immobilized the SUV, two stayed while two others fled. They were all eventually arrested.

According to Chief Elvin Barren, the crew may be linked to a series of robbery attempts at cannabis dispensaries around the region.

“We do identify this crew as a serial breaking and entering crew,” said the Southfield police chief during a Friday press conference.

It was an alarm that sounded at the Lume Cannabis dispensary at Lahser and 11 Mile



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