Sen. Tom Cotton DESTROYS ABC Host On Live TV – EVOL

Republican Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, confronted ABC host Jonathan Karl on Sunday for trying to shift the conversation away from the topic of college pro-Palestine protests. Cotton made an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” to talk about the current campus demonstrations happening throughout the United States, where numerous students are urging their universities to cut ties with companies linked to Israel. Despite Karl acknowledging the “vile stuff” happening in “some” of the pro-Palestine campus protests, he inquired whether Cotton and he could both acknowledge that peaceful protests were acceptable.

“You can protest all you want. If you want to make a fool of yourself and support a terrorist group, you can do that. Now if you are a foreigner, you can’t. Where’s Joe Biden’s administration demanding that universities turn over the names of any foreign students here on a visa, revoking those visas and deporting them? That’s something that Joe Biden can do today. But you are not allowed to violate the rules and policies and break the law,” Cotton stated.

“Where were the liberal administrators and liberal politicians sending in the police on the very first day? We should not have tolerated this for a moment. You



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