Sen. Scott Says Trump Didn’t Discuss Possibility of Vice Presidency With Him – EVOL

The South Carolina Republican said he expects the former president to announce his VP pick within the next 60 days.

Though Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) is seen as a shortlister to be former President Donald Trump’s running mate this year, the two men reportedly didn’t discuss the matter when they last spoke.

This weekend, President Trump hosted a fundraising event in Palm Beach, Florida, during which wealthy donors heard from several contenders to become President Trump’s running mate. Mr. Scott’s name has often been speculated as being near the top of that list.

But Mr. Scott and President Trump didn’t discuss the matter this weekend, the South Carolina Republican said.

Mr. Scott was asked whether President Trump had raised the possibility during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“No ma’am,” Mr. Scott replied, adding later, “He did not bring it up, I certainly did not bring it up.”

“We had no conversations about the VP pick, to be honest with you, to be clear, but we had a lot of conversations about the failures of Joe Biden and the success of Donald Trump,” Mr. Scott said, specifically citing conversations about ending “Bidenomics” and reducing the inflation rate back to 2 percent, where



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