Sen. Mike Lee Goes Off on FBI Director Wray: ‘We Have a Constitution, You Must Comply With It’

Senator Mike Lee went off on FBI Director Christopher Wray at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

The debate between the two got heated when the hearing turned to the issue of the FBI’s non-compliance with court orders regarding the use of 702 FISA surveillance or warrantless searches on Americans. The video and transcript follow below…

SEN. LEE: Don’t worry about it. We’ve got this taken care of. We’ve got new procedures. It’s going to be different now. It’s never different. You haven’t changed and you keep referring to these policies, these new procedures. We haven’t seen that. We’re not even allowed to have access to it. And we have absolutely no reason to trust you because you haven’t behaved in a manner that’s trustworthy.
You can’t, even as we sit here, tell me that people who intentionally, knowingly, deliberately violated the civil rights of American citizens, that they were fired or that they had their security clearance stripped.

Now in 2022, FBI and other agencies searched American’s communications over 200,000 times. Only 16 of which were ‘evidence of a crime only’ searches that returned information. I’d like to ask you to give it a yes or a no answer to



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