Sen. JD Vance Slams NY v. Trump Trial: It's a Distraction While 'World is on Fire' – EVOL

Looks like it’s Republican Sen. JD Vance who’s raising his voice to cut through the nonsense we’re seeing on display daily in New York.

He’s calling out the NY v. Trump trial as a classic distraction tactic.

According to Vance, it’s all smoke and mirrors to divert attention from the real issues—the chaos unfolding worldwide under Biden’s watch.

Nicely said, Vance!

It’s one thing to say that on Twitter and have 100k see it. But it’s something else when it’s blasted on the news where the normies will take note.

So it’s really nice to have Vance pointing out the liberal’s diversion game.

#Video: Senator JD Vance rips Judge Merchan’s Biden-Harris daughter, Democrat court room operatives, and Soros-funded prosecutor Alvin Bragg outside NYC’s ‘sham’ Trump trial

— Frankie Stockes (@realStockes) May 13, 2024

Fox News reports:

Republican Ohio Sen. JD Vance summed up the ongoing NY v. Trump trial as a Democratic effort to distract that “the world is on fire” under the Biden administration.

“This is about the fact that President Joe Biden has a failed record as commander in chief and leader of this country, and the Democrats



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