Secret Service Investigates Conservative Veteran Who Joked About Biden Wearing Diapers on Twitter – EVOL

Newly uncovered information, exclusively obtained by The Daily Signal, reveals that the Secret Service has initiated an investigation into a Maine resident, an Army veteran displaying an “unusual interest” in the Biden family.

These comments, which included a hint at intending to “storm the White House and snap pics of Biden in his ‘Depends,’” raised significant “concerns.”

The Secret Service opened a “preliminary protective intelligence investigation” targeting the veteran based on one or more of his Twitter posts.

Documents obtained by The Daily Signal reveal that the Secret Service was concerned because this person, initially unidentified by the agency, who “posted statements of unusual interest towards the Biden Family.”

One of the man’s posts that caught the agency’s attention suggested, apparently jokingly, that he planned to “invade the White House and get pics of Biden in his ‘Depends,’” referring to a brand of adult diapers.

Yet, the Secret Service did not uncover any concrete threats of violence against the president or his family in the man’s social media activity. Instead, his comments appeared to be in the form of jokes and criticism of the Biden family.

Although no credible threats were discovered from the individual, the Secret Service



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