Scientists Raise Alarm over Covid-Vaccinated Blood Transfusions – EVOL

A team of leading scientists has raised the alarm after discovering severe risks associated with using blood from people vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots for transfusions.

Additionally, the researchers are now calling for all Covid vaccination programs to be halted after they uncovered evidence of the complications caused by these contaminations in the blood.

Japanese researchers published a pre-print paper that warned about the risks associated with using Covid-vaccinated blood for transfusions.

They are now warning that medical professionals need to be made aware of these risks.

“The health injuries caused by genetic vaccination are already extremely serious, and it is high time that countries and relevant organizations take concrete steps together to identify the risks and to control and resolve them,” the scientists said.

Many countries around the world have reported that shots have caused several severe side effects.

The injections, which use modified mRNA encoding the spike protein and lipid nanoparticles as the drug delivery system, have resulted in post-vaccination thrombosis and subsequent cardiovascular damage.

They have also been linked to a wide variety of diseases involving all organs and systems, including the nervous system.

Based on these reports and the volume of evidence that has come to



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