Schumer to Force Accelerated Vote on Secret Border Bill Most Members Haven't Read Yet – EVOL

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is planning to force through an accelerated vote on the secret border bill that senators have been negotiating in recent months.

A small bipartisan group of senators has reportedly negotiated a compromise border security bill.

If passed and implemented by DEmocrat President Joe Biden’s administration, the bill should dramatically curtail the historic and unprecedented illegal immigration that has been ongoing for the past three years.

However, the full text and intricate details of that measure haven’t been released yet.

Nevertheless, Schumer has announced that he plans to ram the measure through the chamber on an expedited basis for a vote within a matter of days, Breitbart reported.

The still-unknown full extent of the negotiated legislation — which has been attached to supplemental defense funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan — will supposedly be finally unveiled for the public, and the rest of the senators, to actually read for themselves at some unspecified point over the weekend.

The Hill reported that Sen. Schumer took to the floor on Thursday and informed his fellow senators:

“I want members to be aware that we plan to post the full text of the national security supplemental



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