Saudi Man Receives Death Penalty For Social Media Posts

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In an alarming precedent set by Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s paramount enforcers of capital punishment, a resident of Mecca and retired educator, Mohammed bin Nasser al-Ghamdi, has been condemned to death. His crime? Expressing dissenting opinions on social media platforms.

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This distressing development underlines the kingdom’s complete intolerance of free speech and underscores escalating attempts to suppress dissent, gaining international criticism.

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Predominantly employed for prosecuting terrorism-related cases, the Saudi Specialized Criminal Court indicted al-Ghamdi with a slew of profound charges, among which were “betraying his religion,” “impugning the kingdom and the crown prince,” “conspiring against the government,” and “disturbing the society’s security.” These grave offenses all trace back to his online activity, which entailed sharing opinions critical of the government.

What makes this case convoluted is that al-Ghamdi’s brother, Saeed bin Nasser al-Ghamdi, who resides in the UK, is renowned for his critical stance towards the Saudi regime. The latter believes this



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