SAD TROMBONE: The Washington Post is Laying Off Hundreds of Staffers

The liberal propaganda newspaper the Washington Post is laying off hundreds of employees due to ‘economic hardship.’ What a shame.

The paper has seen a drop in digital subscription revenue and is trying to buy out employees to balance the budget.

Perhaps more people would read the paper if they weren’t so obviously Democrat activists pretending to be journalists.

The Hill reports:

Washington Post braces for layoffs

The Washington Post has been able to attain just half of the job reductions it needs to secure before the end of the year, the newspaper’s leadership said this week.

In a note to staff shared with multiple outlets on Tuesday, Post interim CEO Patty Stonesifer said the company had accepted 120 voluntary buyouts as it seeks to cut some 240 jobs across its newsroom.

The Post plans to resort to involuntary layoffs if it does not reach the 240 job threshold by the middle of next month, Stonesifer said.

“These layoffs would offer significantly less generous benefits than the voluntary package and will be consistent with prior layoff packages at The Post,” she wrote.

The Post is just the latest in a slew of media organizations that have announced plans



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