Russia Prepares for WWIII as Public Receives ‘Nuke Incoming’ Warnings

The Russian public has been taking part in nuclear attack drills across the country as the nation appears to be preparing for World War III.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, sirens blared out across Russia as part of a bone-chilling drill for an incoming nuclear attack.

Children at every Russian school donned gas masks while civilians flocked to bomb shelters and workers hid under benches.

The eerie siren could be heard across the country.

Terrifying messages were also broadcast live as Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered every single citizen to comply with the WW3 drill.

As part of the extensive drills, emergency crews wearing hazmat gear swarmed the streets.

Footage even shows schoolchildren being taught how to correctly don gas masks.

Sirens and loudspeakers were sounded in all regions across Russia’s 11 time zones in drills that spawned two days.

It was Russia’s first nationwide civil defence exercise as Putin prepares his people for a nuclear war with the West.

As a chilling alarm bellowed out in cities and towns everywhere, a message sounded declaring: “Attention everyone!”

Emergency services gathered in hazmat suits to carry out protocol as part of the exercise.

One group ran from a building with a



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