RNC Chair Backs Registered Democrat in NY Special Election That Could Swing House Control – EVOL

New York’s special election in the third district this month following the ouster of George Santos from the House of Representatives has become the subject of raging controversy.

That is due in large part to the candidate the Republican Party selected to take his place as a candidate for the open seat.

A registered Democrat.

Mazie Pilip, an Egyptian-born immigrant who served in the Israeli Defense Forces, admitted the Democratic Party registration issue.

In the interview with PIX 11 in New York, Pilip readily conceded her Democratic Party registration and claimed that there was a technical reason she could not yet switch it.

Mazie Pilip, the Republican nominee for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, has served as a legislator in Nassau County for two years. As the Queens Chronicle notes, she is registered as a Democrat.

“A registered Democrat who caucuses with the Republicans in the Legislature, Pilip emerged as the GOP candidate for the Feb. 13 special election after former Rep. George Santos was expelled on Dec. 1, in light of his falsified resume and questionable financial history,” the Chronicle reports.

The Republican Party’s control of the House of Representatives is tenuous due to the abrupt departure of



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