RFK Jr. Says Kennedy Siblings Asked Biden to Give Him Secret Service Protection – EVOL

The Biden administration denial of five requests for the federal security is a “political scandal,” the independent presidential candidate believes.

A “number” of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s siblings asked President Joe Biden to authorize Secret Service protection for the independent presidential candidate last week, Mr. Kennedy said on April 25.

Stating that he does not qualify for Secret Service protection. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has denied Mr. Kennedy’s requests five times, the most recent being late March.

Kerry Kennedy and another of Mr. Kennedy’s siblings, Rory Kennedy are among the family members who have expressed concern that their brother’s candidacy will prevent President Biden from winning a second term and lead to President Trump’s return to the White House.

Speaking at a rally on April 18 in Philadelphia, Kerry Kennedy, the candidate’s younger sister, called President Biden her “hero” and added that “the Kennedy family endorses Joe Biden for president.”

Upon learning of the April 18 event, RFK Jr. said, “We are divided in our opinions but united in our love for each other” and remarked that his family has more than 100 members and many are backing his campaign.

Regarding the public statements from Kerry and Rory Kennedy, and his brother,



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