RFK Jr. Chastises President Biden About Border Crisis During Texas Visit

The 2024 Democrat presidential candidate believes that Mexican drug cartels are driving the U.S. southern border policy.

As the number of migrants apprehended by U.S. immigration agents after illegally crossing the southern border has soared to near-record levels in September, Robert F. Kennedy chastised President Joe Biden for the “humanitarian crisis” and encouraged unity between Democrats and Republicans to “quickly secure the borders.”

Mr. Kennedy delivered remarks about the border crisis at a Sept. 22 press conference in Austin, Texas, where he will appear at meet and greets over the weekend.

“Since Biden was elected, 7 million immigrants have come across the border illegally,” Mr. Kennedy said. “In the same period, just 3.1 million arrived legally. What that means is the Mexican drug cartels are driving American border policy.”

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“We need unity. This shouldn’t be a Democratic issue or a Republic issue,” he added. “The Democrats who have been urging an open border policy need to look at the evidence now and rethink their positions. And we need to quickly secure the borders. Then we can think about work permits or amnesty programs. But we can’t sell those to the American people until the borders are closed and the frontiers



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