RFK Jr. accepts bid for Libertarian presidential nomination – EVOL

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Sunday became a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, a shocking move that could give him enough votes to defeat Donald Trump or Joe Biden in November.

Kennedy, who spoke at the convention Friday, was nominated by a delegate on the convention floor on Sunday to be the party’s White House standard barrier. Kennedy’s candidacy was met with boos from other delegates. 

His candidacy was short-lived, however. He was eliminated from contention several hours later, after the first round of voting, having receiving support from 19 delegates, just 2.07% of the vote. 

There was initially some confusion over whether or not Kennedy, who is running an independent bid, would accept the nomination and if he had filed the necessary paperwork.

Originally Kennedy had said he would remain an independent candidate and not be the Libertarian contender. 

Finally, party chair Angela McArdle, standing at the podium, called Kennedy to ask him. 

She stepped away from the microphone to speak with him but could be heard saying to him: ‘I’m at the podium and need to ask you if you accept the nomination.’

She then came back the microphone to inform the delegates: ‘He’s going to get back to us.’

Kennedy ultimately accepted the



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