REVEALED: “Unusually Aggressive” Arizona Grand Jury That Indicted Trump 2020 'Alternate Electors' Stacked with “Indict Them All” Leftists – EVOL

Arizona AG Kris Mayes

According to Politico, the grand jury that indicted Trump 2020 alternate electors, Trump attorneys and GOP activists were “unusually aggressive” and stacked with Trump-hating leftists.

Politico spoke with a witness who received an immunity agreement. The witness told Politico that not only did grand jurors aggressively grill them for hours, they indicted two of Trump’s lawyers who weren’t even a target of the investigation!

One grand juror was described as the leader of the “indict them all crowd ” – a rabid leftist who wanted all of Trump’s allies charged with crimes just because.

Two of Trump’s lawyers, Jenna Ellis and Christina Bobb were witnesses and specifically told they were not being investigated. In fact, Ellis and Bobb both received letters from prosecutors stating they were not under investigation and two months later they were indicted by the “indict them all” grand jury.

“In my over 20 years practicing criminal law, I’ve never encountered someone who was a witness being indicted less than two months later, who was told in writing that they’re a witness and not under investigation,” former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti told Politico.

Politico reported:

One of the witnesses who spoke



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