‘Return Lawfare In Kind’: Stephen Miller Urges Republicans To Draft Criminal Referrals For Future DOJ, Local Prosecutors

Former White House advisor under President Donald Trump and founder of America First Legal, Stephen Miller, urged House Republicans to draft criminal referrals for President Biden, Russia hoax conspirators and others during an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures.

“We have entered a dark new era in American history in which the prosecutor’s office has been weaponized and been transformed into an instrument of political repression,” Miller said when asked about the 96 felony counts currently brought against former President Trump in four separate cases. “And anybody thinking this stops here, anybody thinking that ‘oh well this will be it’ and the democrats will move on, the radical left will move on; is living in a delusion. They’re living in an absolute fantasy.”

“If you can get away with having a local prosecutor or, main justice, take over a presidential election, throw innocent people in jail for decades potentially. If you can prosecute and incarcerate Republican attorneys for the crime, the thought crime, of providing legal counsel with which the prosecutor disagrees; there’s no limiting principle here,” he continued.

Miller then argued that Republicans must respond with “lawfare in kind,” stating that it is the only way to end



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