Republicans Move to Deport Pro-Hamas Foreign Students – EVOL

Republican Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) has introduced legislation that seeks to deport foreign students involved in pro-Hamas protests on America’s college campuses.

The bill seeks to revoke the student visas of Hamas-sympathizing foreign nationals and send them home.

In a statement about the bill, Ogles told Hamas-Sympathizing student visa holders to “go study abroad in Gaza.”

The legislation, which is titled the Study Abroad Act, was introduced by Ogles on Wednesday.

The bill would specifically “revoke the F, J, or M visa” of any alien who authorities have “arrested for rioting or unlawful protest.”

It also applies to foreign students whom authorities have “arrested while establishing, participating in, or promoting an encampment” on college grounds.

New: Andy Ogles has introduced a bill that would send people convicted for unlawful activity on college campuses to Gaza for at least six months

The bill would force those arrested on campuses after Oct. 7 to “provide community service in Gaza,” per bill text

— Liz Elkind (@liz_elkind) May 8, 2024

In a statement before introducing the bill, Ogles said:

“The ability to receive higher education in the United States is truly a privilege.

“Previously known for their prestige and unparalleled



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