Republicans Blow Chance to Take Back PA House Due to Flood of Mail-in Ballots – EVOL

Pennsylvania House Democrats have won another special election, this time in suburban Philadelphia, which helps them maintain their narrow control of the state legislature.

The Associated Press called the Bucks County race for Democrat Jim Prokopiak, a local school board member, immediately after votes closed at 8 p.m. Prokopiak faced Republican Candace Cabanas, a home health care worker.

Former state Rep. John Galloway, a Democrat, resigned in December after being elected to a local judgeship, leaving the seat vacant.

Prokopiak is the sixth Democrat to win a special election since the commencement of the most recent legislative term, in January 2023.

During this time, the party has filled a half-dozen vacancies caused by a death, members winning other positions, and a resignation due to sexual harassment claims.

Greg Price explained on X how mail-in ballots were a key to the Democrats’ retention of the deep blue district on an Election Day that was hit with severe winter weather.

There was a special election today in Bucks County, PA to determine control of the state House of Reps in a Biden+10 district.

The race has been called for the Democrat over the Republican with 43% of the vote counted



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