Reporter Tries Fine Dining in Clothes Like Fetterman’s, Soon Learns a Hard Truth About the Change to Senate Dress Code

It’s funny, but it’s not.

The loosening of the Senate dress code by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that will allow Democrat Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania to wander the hallowed halls of the Senate looking like a homeless hobo would never be accepted in other high-end establishments.

The New York Post reporter Jon Levine learned a hard truth about how people dressed like Fetterman are treated when they try to enter a fancy restaurant in New York.

Wearing an almost identical combination of hoodie, gym shorts, and sneakers — although he looked a lot cleaner in them than Fetterman does — Levine tried to get a table at Daniel on the Upper East Side, where a meal could lighten your wallet by around $275, according to the Post.

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I went to New York City’s nicest restaurants dressed as John Fetterman — It didn’t go well!

— Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) September 23, 2023

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Jon Levine dressed like Fetterman and tried to eat at ritzy NY restaurants. It didn’t go well ….

— Just Mindy 🐊 (@just_mindy) September 23, 2023

The maître d may not have recognized the infamous ensemble, but she



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