REPORT: US Middle Schoolers Facing ‘Hate’ Charges for Online Chat – EVOL

Six students in Massachusetts are currently facing charges related to “hate” for their involvement in an online chat conversation that reportedly involved discussing a “mock slave auction.” These students, aged between 13 and 14, attend Southwick Regional School in Massachusetts, as reported by WBTS.

The alleged incidents of “hate speech and race-based bullying” took place on February 8, according to Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni, who addressed the matter during a press conference on Thursday. Gulluni further mentioned that his office was made aware of the racist online discussion on Snapchat and initiated an investigation one week later.

Gulluni announced that he is officially pursuing criminal charges against the teens for the “hateful, racist online chat that included heinous language, threats and a mock slave auction.”

The six students are facing charges of “threat to commit a crime,” with two of them also being accused of interference with civil rights. Additionally, one student is charged with witness interference, as reported by WBTS.

Gulluni mentioned that he is unable to provide further information regarding the racist remarks made by the teenagers on Snapchat or reveal their identities due to their status as minors.

The district attorney stated that the



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