REPORT: Fox Personalities Are BANNED From Referencing Tucker Carlson’s Interview With Trump, Insider Says

A whistleblower from Fox News has revealed that network personalities are banned from making any reference to former host Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donald Trump on Wednesday evening, according to a report from author Chadwick Moore, who recently released a biography on Carlson.

Former President Trump has opted to skip the opening GOP presidential debate on Wednesday evening, which Fox News is hosting. The former president — who has maintained an enormous lead over the crowded GOP field according to almost all major pollsters — had long hinted that he would be skipping the debate due to allegations of bias against him.

This was ultimately confirmed last week when Trump announced that he would be sitting down for an exclusive interview with Carlson instead. Carlson has been posting interviews and monologues to X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter, since he was forced out by Fox News.

Trump’s interview with Carlson is scheduled to drop at 8:55 ET, just five minutes before the debate is scheduled to begin.

The direct conflict has left Fox News in a panic, Moore told podcast host Benny Johnson on Wednesday afternoon. Fox executives have even gone so far as to ban all



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