REPORT: Fox News’ Preferred Trump Alternative Identified, And It Isn’t DeSantis

Fox News, battered by former President Donald Trump’s recent decision to snub its upcoming coverage of the first GOP presidential debate, has pivoted to its latest favorite alternative candidate as the network seeks to align itself with anyone except the field’s White House winner.

An analysis by the Daily Beast of Fox’s recent programming shows the network is increasingly interested in covering businessman Vivek Ramaswamy. According to TVEyes, Ramaswamy has been mentioned at least 200 times over the past week and appeared in six interviews which touted his rise in the polls and ability to connect with younger generations of voters. The 37-year-old may be the youngest presidential candidate to ever make a serious run of it, and he now has the backing of a major center-right network to prove it.

From the Daily Beast:

Over the past week, Fox News has mentioned Ramaswamy at least 200 times, according to media monitoring service TVEyes. He’s also appeared for a half-dozen interviews, during which the network has applauded his rising popularity or gushed over his “respectful” handling of an interaction with a pansexual activist at the Iowa State Fair. Fox hosts simply cannot get over Ramaswamy’s ability to rap Eminem lyrics,



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