Renowned Oncologists Demand Covid Shot Ban over Soaring ‘Turbo Cancers’ – EVOL

Several of the world’s leading oncologists are calling on global governments to immediately ban Covid mRNA shots over the soaring cases of “turbo cancers” that have been linked to the injections.

As Slay News has reported, a growing number of studies and renowned experts have determined that the jabs have caused the spike in rapidly spreading cancers in the past three years.

Aside from cancers, the Covid mRNA shots have also been linked to skyrocketing sudden deaths and a range of deadly side effects such as blood clots, heart failure, and strokes.

A growing assembly of oncologists and cancer experts is raising serious concerns over the global surge in rapidly developing aggressive cancer cases, often referred to as “turbo cancers.”

Several different forms of cancer have now been found to be quickly spreading among young, healthy people.

Some doctors are reporting that they are diagnosing apparently healthy people with cancer and they are dying within a week.

The unprecedented spread of the disease has led to oncology experts dubbing the phenomenon “turbo cancer.”

The latest expert to join the assembly of oncologists is Dr. Maarten Fornerod.

Fornerod is the associate professor of Cell Biology and Pediatric Oncology at the Erasmus



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