Reagan’s Attorney General Breaks His Silence, Blasts Fani Willis’ Trump Case

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese III who served under President Ronald Reagan, has come forward with a court filing that criticizes Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis‘ interpretation of the law in her 2020 election case against a former Trump Department of Justice official.

Meese argued that Willis’ stance is an “affront to federal supremacy.” Meese III’s storied career has seen him serve in various capacities, from industry to academia, with a keen focus on public policy and constitutional law. He played a pivotal role in Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign as Chief of Staff and later served as Counselor to the President with cabinet rank.

“The prosecution of the President and an AAG is a major affront to federal supremacy never before seen in the history of our country,” wrote Meese.

“If the premise of this prosecution were to be accepted, then state law enforcement officials could arrest local U.S. Attorneys and their Assistants while they were deliberating over whether and/or how to approach a possible prosecution of state or local officials.”

“Similarly, under Fulton County’s interpretation of federal supremacy, state or local officials could enter the Oval Office and arrest the President and his Attorney General during their



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