Radical Mutiny Continues in Biden’s Administration as Two More Officials Protest-Quit – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden is continuing to face a mutiny from the radical Hamas-supporting wing of his administration.

Two more officials have just announced they are jumping ship from the Biden admin over the president’s handling of the war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas.

The two officials protest-quit and cited alleged Israeli obstruction of humanitarian assistance to civilians who reside in the Gaza Strip.

One official, Alexander Smith, a contractor for USAID, said he was given the choice to resign or be dismissed after he prepared a presentation on maternal and child mortality in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Another official, Stacy Gilbert, a State Department official from the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, also submitted her resignation in protest.

Gilbert cited the State Department’s findings that Israel is not obstructing the flow of food or other aid to civilians.

The Biden admin may be the most leftist administration in American history.

However, it isn’t radical enough to outright side with terrorists against Israel.

This has caused several Hamas sympathizers on the Left to leave the Biden admin in recent months.

President Biden has been under immense pressure for months from radicals who want him to either halt support



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